An Eventful Day

8 July, 2011

I admit to being a little bit of a NASA fanboy.

Not the top-heavy NASA but the starry-eyed, future-looking and quietly heroic NASA. Not just the astronauts but all their support, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Not just the space missions but the science.

I watched the final shuttle launch with a lot of mixed emotions.  There were nerves that all would go well.  There was excitement at the sheer physics involved.  There was a humble feeling that these are still first steps into a much larger and wondrous universe.  There was a nostalgic sadness at the end of an era.

Shuttle may not have been the most elegant — but it had inspiration and its people gave it grace.

Godspeed to the crew of Atlantis, their families and all dreamers and doers.  Ever forward.