About Ian Mariano

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Strategist at the intersection of business, design and technology.

My name is Ian Mahr Mariano. I was born 30 November, 1969. I am the eldest amongst my siblings and have six sisters, no brothers.

My first musical instrument was the Piano. I do attempt to play others. I studied music privately and have won several performance and composition competitions and awards.

My first computer system was a TI-99 4/A. I learnt to program Extended Basic, 16-bit Assembly and Forth on it. I created text-based adventure games for my siblings.

I worked as a dishwasher to pay for my first keyboard, then promptly quit. I was part of a technopop band called “Piper Blue” in the mid to late eighties amongst other musical projects.

I once worked at and assisted managed a toy store selling trains, scale models and high-end dolls.

I attended the University of Akron and changed majors several times. It was there I encountered the VAX and Hunt the Wumpus.

I criss-crossed the US as a DJ and electronic musician during the heyday of rave culture. I have a record label. I still compose music and DJ occasionally.

I have had my heart broken and have broken hearts.

My technologist career started when I began freelance C, C++, Perl CGI programming for several clients using SCO Unix. Right around that time I bought a 486 and promptly put Slackware 0.9 Linux on it. University dial-up was my on-ramp onto the nascent Internet.

I have worked freelance. I have been part owner of a company. I have worked as part of several consulting firms and startups.

Systems thinking has become my mainstay. I am technology agnostic and design-friendly.

I am licensed to fly fixed-wing aircraft, single-engine land. I haven’t flown in a few years due to family, time, and finances.

I write when I can. This site is one I/O device for just that purpose.

I am a fierce friend. J’y suis, j’y reste.

I am ever becoming chef.

I am deeply in love with and married to my favorite person.

And I am a proud father.