Type 1A Supernovae

17 September, 2011

An interesting paper, It’s Time for Low Latency, was just published by some smart folks over at Stanford University.  In this paper the authors state that “it should be possible to achieve end-to-end remote procedure call (RPC) latencies of 5-10μs in large datacenters using commodity hardware and software within a few years. However, achieving this goal will require the creation of a new software architecture for networking with a different division of responsibility between operating system, hardware, and application.”

This is good news for the stack in a single location.

Couple this with with snappy (and intelligent) replication and higher and higher speed interconnects between locations this becomes even more interesting – think geographically routed users and their social entanglements.  Type 1A supernovae illuminating the distant places in the night and the starwisps that ship data to each.