Could the Bird be the Word?

20 November, 2011

It’s been quite a year for pundits on all sides of the SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL and now MoreSQL camps. I’m very much a fan of the right tool for the right job approach, and I’ve been beta testing a very interesting one indeed.

The brainchild of Barry Morris (of IONA and StreamBase fame) and Jim Starkey (InterBase, MVCC, and more – deep bows and humble respect), NuoDB is an offering which (as far as my humble testing as proved out) gives us exactly what is promised: an elastically scalable ACID database.

And it’s dead simple to use.

Join the beta program. I’ve humbly tested from beta 1 through 4 and have been thoroughly impressed.


They showed off the “Flights” demo today in a nice technical overview webinar along with showing off the basic setup, execution, included tools, performance, elasticity and resiliency.

For my testing, I used homogeneous (linux) and heterogeneous (linux and windows) 64-bit environments up to 6 nodes using their “Flights” demo as well as against a custom schema and code of my own. I believe they test internally with 10 or more nodes. The mixed Windows and Linux OS environment I played on performed just as well as the single Linux one.


(update ii)

You can watch the technical overview recap at this link: