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Tech and the RFP Dance

Having someone technical on your team evaluating proposals can save you from twirling out of control.

At Constructive, we’d love it if all new business could be won without going through the RFP dance,

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CMS Information Architecture Sitecore Technology

Here’s a little fun you can have with very little scaffolding that let’s you ship ASP.NET MVC 4 razor views as embedded resources in a shared assembly and allows you to override them as needed.

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MVC Razor Technology

Something has been bubbling amongst my colleagues. Something we’ve all been trying to articulate over many years in one form or another in blogs, posts, tweets, re-tweets, speeches – stories.

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In working with software projects for the web I find that a very important class of end-user is often overlooked: the admins.  We often work very hard to make sure the user experience (UX) is great,

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