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It’s been quite a year for pundits on all sides of the SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL and now MoreSQL camps. I’m very much a fan of the right tool for the right job approach,

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Cloud Database Scalability Technology

Gigaom has posted an interesting article where two startup tech guys — Craig Knighton of LiquidSpace and Zach Richardson of Ravel Data — lay out the cases for their clouds of choice to see how the services compared in real-world use at living,

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Amazon Azure Cloud Scalability Technology

Amazon Cloud Technology

Amazon Cloud Scalability Technology

Amazon Cloud Physics Scalability Technology

Azure Cloud Java Technology

Most people don’t have to deal with scale on the size of Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al.  Scale for the traditional website, neonate cloud-based site, or small to medium enterprise is usually limited to optimizing the architecture on a handful of servers (instances,

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