10 September, 2013

T+12 years.

Distance and time from the event has its virtue and there are plenty of other sources rather than mine to wax about cause, effect, rebuilding, learning, loss of innocence and fluidity of permanence.  I do not minimize the events of 12 years ago but rather seize upon the awakening, quickening and both saddening and joyous growing pains of the human race.

We watch, interact, not react, criticize, be silent, scream, question, flow with it, like, love, hate, favorite, fight, pray and prey, be on the fence, galvanize around a cause, reject, accept, help, hurt, brutalize, tenderize, etch, sketch, compose, de-compose, revel, rebel, debate, reject, raise and raze, dream, visualize, theorize, skeuomorphize, de-skeuomorphize, anthropomorphize, assert, question &c. (How does one state the sum total of human experience and history in a blog post?)

We are story.

Quite ephemeral in the rich tapestry of infinity yet still…