goodbye random numbers

9 October, 2013

Floored by my wife’s words in remembrance for our cat, Random Numbers … she chose me and then chose us …

My hibiscus plant rarely blooms so when I woke up this morning and noticed this lovely flower I paused and was thankful. Hibiscus flowers are unique because they open and wilt in only one day. You only have one day to enjoy their full beauty. Our sweet-angel-kitty-girl, Randy, was lucky. She was rescued as an adult cat by Ian in 2001 and bloomed for twelve years. She only severely wilted over the last four. Tonight we said good bye. I opened our window and held her in my arms … we breathed the outside air and watched this amazing October sunset. Too colorful for October. She was lethargic but perked up and sniffed the wild aromas for a minute or ten. She was contented yet curious … always curious. I, however, knew what was coming and still hoped with all hopes the vets diagnosis would would prove me wrong. Before we left to ultimately hear the words I didn’t want to hear I clipped the Hibiscus flower and put it in my purse. After all was said and Randy took her last breaths I pulled the bloom from my purse and left it with her. Before leaving the stark, fluorescent-lit room I grabbed Ian’s hand, remembered the sunset, paused and was so very, very thankful. Sleep well our sweet-angel-kitty-girl. We love you.