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another year passed
and here I give
a tip of the glass to those absent friends
those who were more than brothers
those who were more than sisters
those who inspired by just being there for us
oft taken for granted –

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Happy birthday to me!

It was a crazy busy year with its own share of ups and downs but delightedly more ups.

I am so very thankful for my friends and family,



Floored by my wife’s words in remembrance for our cat, Random Numbers … she chose me and then chose us …

“My hibiscus plant rarely blooms so when I woke up this morning and noticed this lovely flower I paused and was thankful.

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T+12 years.

Distance and time from the event has its virtue and there are plenty of other sources rather than mine to wax about cause, effect, rebuilding, learning,

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A tearful goodbye to Lauren (@LongLiveLauren) – you will be missed. Thank you for your light and your mark on this world – my wife’s words serve best for this as I am quite speechless …

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Here’s a little fun you can have with very little scaffolding that let’s you ship ASP.NET MVC 4 razor views as embedded resources in a shared assembly and allows you to override them as needed.

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Something has been bubbling amongst my colleagues. Something we’ve all been trying to articulate over many years in one form or another in blogs, posts, tweets, re-tweets, speeches – stories.

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